We are MPS-GTP (Good Trade practice) certified and guarantee our customers the very best in quality and reliability. This includes seamless traceability for our products and making sure the companies with which we trade meet strict social and environmental criteria. Furthermore, the production side of our business, Alfred Nowack Agriculture and Forestry (MPS no. 804451), has satisfied the following certification criteria:

    MPS-ABC is a demanding, dynamic system in which producers, such as ourselves, take on the challenge of ensuring our products are grown sustainably. Environmental clusters are regularly reappraised for this purpose.

    MPS-SQ (Socially Qualified) is a certification based on fundamental human rights, ILO core labour standards and the sector’s international code of conduct. MPS-GAP is a certification based on the official guidelines of GLOBALG.A.P.

    MPS-GAP has a similar level of recognition but goes beyond the standards of GLOBALG.A.P. This certification ensures we can provide our customers with safe, traceable and high-quality products.